Prior's Wood, Portbury - Friday Route Recommendation

Prior's Wood, Portbury - Friday Route Recommendation

Distance: 6.25km
Elevation Gain: 170m
Type: Trail
Route Link: Strava Link

A short route good for practicing climbs just past Portbury.

Start parking outside The Priory pub (a good place to visit afterwards once all this lockdown m'larky has ended) - plenty of space here, though it's a popular walk on sunny days so arrive early.

From there it's a gradual climb up to the start of the woodland, pass some horses to the left and views of Portishead to the right.

Route up to the woods

At the start of the woods hang left and follow the trail up, and up, and up, as it climbs through some technical terrain.

Starts of the woodlands
Looks luscious on a summers day

At the top there's a set of fields, leading off to the right over one of them back towards the country lanes.

Once you reach the roads there's a quiet downhill stretch along a wide single lane back to Portbury, or alternatively you can take a right at the top of the woods and do a loop back to the start of the trail for a 4k ish finish.