Aspire Epic Bristol 3 Peaks - Friday Route Recommendation

Route Recommendation Feb 12, 2021

Distance: 26.7km
Elevation Gain: 625m
Type: Trail
Route Link: Strava Link

The Bristol Epic 3 Peaks is a yearly event starting in Pensford that tackles the hills and trails west of Chew Valley Lake. This year the event takes place on Saturday 22nd May, having been delayed due to Covid last year. You can register here

It climbs Knowle Hill, Maes Knoll and Blackberry Hill, with gorgeous views of the Somerset scenery, not to mention the Pensford Viaduct.

The Pensford Viaduct. Image Credit: Bristol Barkers

The race organisers kindly provide GPX files for the event, so looking forward to trying the route myself. Speaking from last weekend's long adventure in the Chew Valley I know the area is supremely beautiful and a joy to jog in.


Luke Merrett

Ex smoker and couch potato turned manic trail runner, wannabe ultra runner & proud Dad

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