Altra Lone Peak 5s - 600km Review

How have the new Lone Peaks held up, from fresh pair to retirement

Altra Lone Peak 5s - 600km Review

My pair of Lone Peak 5s have just gone over 600km, and are now at the stage where I'm thinking of retiring them. So how have they held up when compared to the previous model, and would I buy another pair?

Spoiler Alert: The best review I can give is that I've got 2 more pairs stocked up in my cupboard ready to use, and they are 100% the shoe I'll be doing my first 45 miler in!

Testing Conditions

Total distance ran: 621.6km
Longest run: 42.2
Terrain: Pretty much everything, road to trail to rocks to mud to roots

I used the Lone Peak 5s exclusively from mid April to mid June, covering over 600k of trail & road. Used for the easy runs, speed / tempo work and long runs.

They've gotten soaking wet, covered in mud, bashed against stones and not a few thorns embedded in them.

They were often put through their paces

Changes Between the 4.5 and the 5

So what's different in this new tweak on the Lone Peak design?

General Fit

A good bit of upfront news is that the fit is the same as the 4.5s, maybe even slightly roomier. If you were size X in the 4.5s you'll likely be happy with size X in the 5s.

Ego Midsole

By far the biggest variation is the changed midsole. We're now on the Ego midsole that was popular in Altra's Escalante model, it gives a springier feel underfoot and lasts longer, whilst increasing the stack height from 21mm to 28mm.

Having previously been a fan of the 4.5 model, my main complaint was that the midsole felt "flat" after ~100k, leading to a lifeless feeling when running in the Lone Peaks.

I'm happy to report that the new midsole rectifies this nicely. Right up to the 600k mark the shoes still felt comfy underfoot, with none of that flat feel of the prior models.

Improved Drainage

Altra have cut more holes into the outer layers and underfoot to help improve how the shoes drain once wet.

To be honest I never had an issue with the 4.5s draining, they got wet and dried out nicely without feeling weighed down for long, so this tweak is welcome but not revolutionary.

Tweaked Lug Pattern

The lugs underfoot have been tweaked to improve traction. As with the drainage I didn't notice much difference, the Lone Peaks have always had a good balance of traction and happy to say this is maintained here.

Outer Tweaks

The material and position of the reinforcement around the outer has been tweaked, it feels like there's more mesh for breathability and a lighter upper than before, with some extra material where I noticed cracking previously on the 4.5 where the shoe would flex.

What I Loved

The Lone Peaks have always been a solid "jack of all trades" shoe and this is definitely still the case for the 5s. I use them for all my running, whether it be road, light trails or technical terrain, and find they do the job swimmingly.

The improved midsole is a godsend and helps keep you moving in them over longer distances without that flat feeling.

And, honestly, outside of this I'm just happy that what worked well in the 4.5s has been maintained. They haven't made any controversial changes or tweaks that resulted in a poorer experience, only good things.

Wear & Tear

As with the 4.5s I decided to retire them just after the 600km mark. This is due to the midsole foam starting to feel unsupportive under the ball of the foot around this mark. I'm a midfoot striker so this is to be expected.

I think by rotating insoles you could improve the life a little, if I was in a pinch they be fine to 700km, maybe 800km I'd say, just causing more pressure on my metatarsals than I'd like.

It's worth noting too that as I don't rotate shoes, and go out 5 times a week, I'm not doing them any favours here 😅

Outside of the foam issue, the rest of the shoe has held up. Some fraying of stitching on the front of the shoe & material coming away.  

The 4.5s started to crack along the inside of each shoe, inline with where the shoe would flex as you push off. It's not cracked yet on the 5s, but does feel like that's where the next bit of wear will be.

I've included some photos of their current state below for reference:

Final Thoughts

Very happy with the Lone Peak 5s, they have become my staple shoe now and one I'll keep stocking up on until they stop making them.

The durability and support is there, and they remain that solid "jack of all trades" trail shoe.