Ultra Training Week 3 Retrospective

Ultra Training Week 3 Retrospective

Training Breakdown

  • Monday - Rest day
  • Tuesday - 6k base run
  • Wednesday - 10k base run
  • Thursday - 5k base run
  • Friday - Rest day
  • Saturday - 20k long run
  • Sunday - Active recovery - 8k walk

Thoughts & Challenges

First Cutback Week

First time I've ever had a cutback week as part of a training plan; the idea is that the plan works in segments of 2-3 weeks of "Build", increasing mileage and pushing hard, followed by a "Cutback" week of vastly reduced load.

The aim is to help you recover both physically and mentally from the build weeks, to ensure you are ready for the next phase of training.  Physically: to prevent injury from increasing the load too fast. Mentally: to give yourself a lighter rest week to recover and get ready for things to get intense again.

I've found it a mixed bag to be honest; on the one hand I was certainly feeling the strain under the last 2 weeks load and needed the break, on the other I've always felt uncomfortable reducing load running, I end up clawing up the walls after a few days off.

One Horrid Long Run

Saturday was my 11th run along the Cotswold Way with only 2 more needed to complete the trail.

It's starting to put strain on my time to be honest; now I'm past Cheltenham it's an hours drive each way to get to the start of the next segments, meaning I'm losing most of the morning even when leaving at 6am. Glad I have such a supportive, understanding partner! 😅

Saturday was however also a day of heavy wind, heavier rain and broken morale. The route went over Cleeve Common, high above Cheltenham and very exposed to the elements. By the time I'd got into Winchcombe I was soaked to the bone, ended up cowering in a shop doorway switching out a new pair of gloves.

Definitely one of those "it's just a bad day" moments, though not looking forward to the forecast weather for this week, now I'm back to a "Build" week of load.

Fitting It All In

Possibly the biggest challenge a the moment is finding the right time slots in the week to fit in the next set of runs.  Juggling looking after our daughter and getting back in time for my partner to go to work is becoming more difficult as the mileage on weekdays creeps up.  Not helped by having 2x long runs on the weekend taking up both mornings!