Mr Bumps - Friday Route Recommendation

Route Recommendation Aug 20, 2021

Distance: 8.6km
Elevation Gain: 90m
Type: Bumpy Trail
Route Link: Komoot | Strava

Special thanks to these kind souls who have sent a whole heap of tips on where to find new Mr Bumps as they've been cropping up:

  • Ali Grant
  • Chris Cranny
  • Mark Hoskins
  • Mary Milton
  • Maxwell Gould

A special route for this weeks recommendation. Along the River Avon and Trym in north-west Bristol are a set of very special tags. Some wonderful soul has graffitied not one but THIRTEEN Mr Bumps in various places along the trails.

I have no idea what the background behind these are, but they always bring me a little joy when jogging past them.

This weeks trail crosses all 13 of them in a loop, whilst also exploring some of the fine trails that Shirehampton, Sea Mills & Stoke Bishop have to offer.

Starting off at the Coombe Dingle car park (free parking) at the bottom of Blaise Castle Estate, the car park itself hosts 2 Mr Bumps on the 2 signs for Coombe Dingle:

We leave the car park and run along the trails towards the Avon. When you reach the tunnel under the bridge there is one on the bricks as you pass under:

Continuing along the Trym Valley, we go up a trail towards the Millhouse pub and find our next Mr Bump on the wall of the alleyway:

The next fella you'll see is as you come out of the woods the other side of the road into Sea Mills.

Continuing on we follow the Trym as it empties out into the River Avon, and cross over to follow a trail along the Avon to the next Mr Bump on an old piece of wall running along track.

Coming off the trail onto the Portway, we run back on the footpath towards Sea Mills and see our next fella on the roadside (a rare one you can spot from a car too).

Returning to the Trym, we cross the small footbridge running next to the Portway bridge. As you go over, take a quick left and look back, UNDER the footbridge, where our next Bump is sneakily hiding.

A note of thanks here, Ali Grant sent me the details of the one under the footbridge. After crossing it countless times I had no idea! Massive thank you Ali.

From here we've got a bit of a climb up to 2 new Mr Bumps over in King Weston Estate. The route proceeds along the Community Forest Path through to Shirehampton Golf course. At the bottom of the course after crossing the road into the park, another Bump is on the sign:

Going up the hill of the golf course you will see a fella on a wall in King Weston Estate, marking our 10th Mr Bump:

A big thank you to Ali Grant & Mark Hoskins for the tip offs, this one has appeared very recently!

The route goes past this one, then onto a short track behind this wall, where the next one is cheekily sitting on a bin before the descent back down to the road.

From here we go back to Sea Mills and into the Trym valley again.

We then proceed back along the Trym into the woods we started in. As you go through the fields you'll note another Bin Bump:

Then as we return to go under the last bridge before the Coombe Dingle car park there is our final Mr Bump on the other side of the river.

And that's the route done!

Now I need some help.

I feel like somewhere, nestled among the trails of north-west Bristol, I've missed at least one Mr Bump. I've explored along the River Avon right until the trails run out, to no avail, and gone through the woods of Blaise to no luck.

Do you know of any? Where else could they be hidden? If you've got any hints please give me a shout at @LukeAMerrett.


Luke Merrett

Ex smoker and couch potato turned manic trail runner, wannabe ultra runner & proud Dad

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