Gordano Round - Friday Route Recommendation

Gordano Round - Friday Route Recommendation

Distance: 43.4km
Elevation Gain: 932m
Type: Trail
Route Link: Strava Link

The Gordano Round is a walking route devised by Jim Dyer that spans from Clevedon all the way to Abbots Leigh in a figure of 8 set of trails.

You can either do it as a pretty intense trail marathon (one of my goals for the year) or split it into 2 half marathons.

The western segment consists of a gorgeous coastal path between Portishead and Clevedon, before looping round through the woodlands of Cadbury Camp to Clapton in Gordano, joining up with the eastern segment.

A tribute to Jim Dyer along the coastal path
View from the start of the coastal section in Portishead
Half way along the coastal path
Clevedon Pier

On the east things get a bit more wild, with the route going through plenty of woodland, old technical tracks and fields over Portbury, before reaching Abbot's Pool and looping round through West Tanpit Wood.

Views over Portbury
An especially fun section, hope your shoes drain quickly!
Ducks at Abbot's Pool
A pond just past Noah's Ark Zoo Farm