Bristol Punks Beginners Ultra

Bristol Punks Beginners Ultra
Credit: The Imber Ultra

On Saturday 16th November 2024 the Bristol Punks are leading a beginner friendly ultra marathon, with the aim being to help everyone complete at an easy going, chatty pace with plenty of photo stops, breaks and snacks.

The Route

We'll be tackling the Imber Range Perimeter Path which makes up the Imber Ultra challenge; a 30 mile route east of Warminster with 789m elevation over undulating, steady going hills.

You can find the GPX file for navigation below:

Start Point

Credit: Ashley Milburn

We start in the White Horse Car Park, Bratton, Westbury BA13 4SY, a spacious free spot to begin from.

The route is a loop which will finish with us back at the cars in the end.

Aid Stations

NGL it probably won't be THIS ^ good, but we can dream

We have fellow Bristol Punk Chris kindly offering to drive an aid station around on the day between the various car parks en route, and we can drop cars along the path to ensure there are plenty of places for water and grub.

We'll aim for an aid stop at least once every 10 miles (16 km) so please bring sufficient supplies to last that distance (1-1.5 litres of water recommended plus lots of snacks)

We'll do it in a potluck style: everyone brings along a selection of snacks which we'll bundle into the roaming car for folks to eat at the checkpoints. Anything goes!

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies please bring food specific to your needs in labelled bags and we'll keep them separate for you.


No Punks Left Behind, we will match the slowest pace and everyone will be cool with it.

This is no race, it is a team adventure.

Required Kit

As it's a beginner's friendly ultra we want to be prescriptive of the sort of kit you'd need to bring to be safe on the day. This is based on the Pegasus Ultra Running kit list for an event of similar distance (ref):

  • Trail shoes you are comfortable in
  • Minimum 1 litre water carrying capacity
  • Food to fuel you on the adventure
  • Mobile phone
  • Head torch
    • In case we are still out after sunset and need to navigate in the dark
  • Foil blanket
    • If you get injured and need to stop, being on the ground in a fatigued state risks exposure from the cold
    • A foil blanket prevents this by keeping you warm whilst we wait for help
  • Waterproof jacket
    • Incase the rain comes in (it is England after all!)
    • And for the same reason as the foil blanket, warmth if injured

The run leaders will also carry first aid kits.


Free! All we ask is you bring something for the potluck checkpoints and enjoy yourself!